Student Grievance


The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District encourages all its students to pursue academic studies and other college sponsored activities that will promote intellectual growth and personal development. In pursuit of these goals, the student should be free of unfair or improper action from any member of the academic community. Toward that end, the following procedures have been developed to provide every student with a prompt and equitable means of seeking an appropriate remedy for any alleged violation of the student's rights.

The district accords every student the right of protection. Students, however, must also be aware that they are responsible for complying with all college regulations and for maintaining the appropriate requirements as established by the instructor for each course in which they are enrolled. The district shall insure that the student is fully accorded due process as stated in this student grievance policy.

Informal Resolution: Each student who has a grievance shall make a reasonable effort to resolve the matter on an informal basis prior to requesting a grievance hearing, and shall attempt to solve the problem with the person with whom the student has the grievance, that person’s immediate supervisor, or the local college administration.